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Digital Workflow Workshop


This 3 hour class covers everything from capture to end product. What wedding and event photographers need most, especially those starting out or with a “day job”, but have the least, is time. Your time should be spent finding new clients, networking with other vendors, meeting wedding planners, marketing, and of course, shooting. Learning an efficient, time saving, safe and secure workflow can be the difference between becoming successful at your business, or being overwhelmed by it.


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BarnetWorkshopsNewsletter_123_R_2Topics Covered:

• In-camera RAW Capture & Backup

• Digital Filing System Set Up

• Downloading & Redundant Backup

• Online Galleries

• Culling with Photomechanic

• Correcting & Enhancing in Lightroom

• Creating Finished Art with Photoshop

We’ll also touch on in-person sales and album design.


Best Experience Level: Beginner and Intermediate photographers. Basic knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop is recommended but not a must.

What to bring: Note taking materials. Cameras are not necessary. You may bring your laptop, but only to take notes if that’s how you like to take notes. Because this class covers a great deal of information and not all students are at the same level of proficiency with the programs discussed, it is a lecture and demonstration style class, not a “follow along on your laptop” workshop.

Suggested pre-class homework: The more you can familiarize yourself with the programs we’ll be using before attending, the more you will get out of this class.


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