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Beginning Studio Lighting Workshop

2018-07-07 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Beginning Studio Lighting and Posing (Portrait and Fashion)


Contact Samy’s Camera to register.

Investment: $79.00

In this 3 hour hands on workshop we’ll cover the principles of studio lighting and posing, using professional studio gear. We will create several, one and two lighting set ups. We will explain and demonstrate in very simple terms distinctive lighting patterns, ratios and metering. The studio can be intimidating, but after this class you’ll feel very comfortable in this environment, where once you understand a few basic principles, your creativity won’t be limited by weather, bad backgrounds or time of day. You will think of the studio as the fun playground it is for us. this workshop will take the mystery out of working with professional studio lighting, modifiers and metering. We will slowly build each lighting set up, explaining how everything comes together to bring our vision to reality. That’s the beauty of studio work, it’s a control environment  where we are free to create! We’ll have a model for this workshop, and PocketWizard triggering devises will be provided.

Topics covered: We will work with self contained AC and battery powered Profoto D1 and B1 monoblocks, as well as power packs and heads. We’ll use reflectors, umbrellas and soft boxes. We will also talk about posing to make your subjects look their best, depth of field choices, positive and negative fill, using a light meter for fast accurate exposures and setting up your own portrait studio.

Best Experience Level: Low intermediate and above. You should have a good understanding of F-Stop, Shutter Speed, ISO, and be able to operate your camera in manual mode. A basic understanding of hand held light meters is recommended but not a must.

What to bring: Please bring note taking material, your DSLR camera, a fresh battery, memory cards and a portrait lens. An 85 mm lens or a zoom is best for portraiture, but a 50mm will work. The ideal lens would be a 70 to 200 mm zoom. If you own a PocketWizard bring that too.

Investment: $79.00