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Off Camera Speedlight Flash Workshop


Join us this Saturday, May 28th for a 3 hour class that will have you using your speedlight like a pro, and if you are a pro, you’ll pick up a few pointers. We will teach you how to get the most out of your speedlight (hot shoe camera flash) by taking it off the camera. When you master off camera flash, your photographs won’t look “flashed”. You’ll have the skills necessary to produce beautifully lit images in a much wider range of environments.


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Topics covered: We’ll use modifiers like shoot through panels for soft light, different kinds of umbrellas, soft boxes and reflectors. We’ll show you how you can use multiple speedlights to create truly professional studio and environmental portraits using modifiers you can make yourself. TTL metering, wireless flash, exposure compensation, and rear curtain sync will be discussed. We will also touch on more powerful self contained, off camera flash units like the Profoto B1 and B2. There will be a model for everyone to photograph, and PocketWizard triggering devices will be provided.


Best Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate. You should be familiar with the basic functions and menus of your camera and on-camera Speedlight.

What to bring: Please bring note taking material, your DSLR camera and your external Speedlight (flash). Make sure your battery is charged and you have room for photos on your memory card.

For the type of images we’ll create in this workshop, a 50mm lens will work, but we recommend a portrait lens; 85 mm or longer. The ideal lenses would be in the range of a 24 to 70 mm zoom or a 70 to 200 mm zoom. The 70-200 being our personal favorite. Wide angle lenses are not recommended. If you own a PocketWizard bring that too.

Suggested pre-workshop homework: Please review your camera and flash owner’s manual as much as you can before the class.


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