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Our last Samy’s Workshop was a blast! 3 more scheduled before December!

We had a great group of photographers last Saturday at Samy’s in Orange County!  Everyone was eager to learn and contribute to the class.  A big thanks to Stephanie our model.  She did a great job and is a photographer herself with many weddings under her belt.   We don’t always have a model for these workshops, sometimes we use class members to demonstrate posing, lighting, etc. This time we got lucky!

As always we started by covering marketing, prices, contracts, gear, etc. in the classroom, then after lunch we went shooting!  The conditions were not great, and that’s the way we like it, so we can show ways to make beautiful images in direct sun and not the best backgrounds quickly with minimal gear.  This is very important at a wedding or an engagement session.  Everyone pitched in and some of the students captured great images.  I already saw some on Facebook.  After our shoot we returned to the classroom where Mirta “cooked up” a few of our files and I went over some of the lighting techniques and shortcuts we used.

Here’s most of the group after our shoot, no we didn’t ask a passer-by to take our group picture, Mirta took a few photos of the group with me in it and I did the same with her in it.  Five minutes in photoshop and we had everyone in.  We have three more workshops at Samy’s this year, so if you are not in this picture, you should be in the next one 🙂  The next Samy’s workshop is this September 26, right around the corner, there’s another scheduled in October and the last one of the year in November.  Check Samy’s site for details and to sign up.

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