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“I attended your workshop yesterday and had a fabulous time! I learned so much from you and Mirta, and the wheels are starting to spin. I truly appreciate the education you provide! I’m writing you tonight to shout THANK YOU from the roof top for everything you and Mirta do!! And, if you’re ever in need of an assistant or shooter at a wedding, please consider me. Cheers!”  Kari

“The Barnets’ Wedding Photography workshop last Saturday was fantastic! They were well prepared, taught logically and clearly as well as taking extra time to answer questions. They really seem to want to be helpful to other photographers/emerging photographers. It was well worth the cost of the class and the 3 hour drive each way. I look forward to attending more of their classes.”-Connie


“Joe and Mirta are clearly MASTERS OF THEIR TRADE. If you are new to photography or looking to refine your workflow, attending a Barnet Workshop is a MUST. I have attended a few of their events over the years and I must say I never leave without learning something A-MAZING!! After 13 years behind the camera I arrogantly thought I know everything I need to know, and Joe and Mirta have helped me redefine the direction I want my photography as a Boutique Photographer to be. A Barnet Workshop is a “MUST DO” for every photographer. I consider Joe and Mirta to be the inspiration force that pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and “SHOOT IT WITH STYLE” as Joe told me to do several years ago. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALWAYS INSPIRING ME!!” -Corina

“The workshop was great! Much more than I expected. Thanks so much for your hospitality and for sharing your years of knowledge, wisdom & experience with us” -Tamara

“You guys are such a great inspiration” -Bernardo

“A very informative workshop… The humor made it fun!” -Alex

“Joe & Mirta, I am so grateful for the time you spent with me yesterday in a photography business one-on-one. The information was so invaluable and has saved me considerable time, effort, and money in the school of hard knocks! I definitely walked away very excited for what I can achieve in my photography business going forward. Thank you so much for sharing your photography talent and business acumen. I look forward to seeing you at future business events and I anticipate being able to share my successes garnered from the knowledge you shared. Thank you again!” -Ruby

“I loved the Barnet Workshop! I felt it was way more of a value than the information described in the online advertising” -Thai

“Wow!  Joe and Mirta are truly amazing at what they do!  I took a few pics the day of the workshop, and I was very proud of them – That was until I saw theirs! LOL!  I just want Joe and Mirta to know that I learned so much in their workshop and had such a wonderful time.  I only wish I had more time to pick their brains.  I look at their images on the  blog and website, and it only makes me want to be better.  Looking at them just makes me think, I want that!  I want to be able to capture a moment the way they do, and not just the way they do, but as well as they do – With passion!  Thank you again Joe and Mirta for having workshops like these!” -Serena

“Very beneficial workshop for my business strategy as I do more weddings. Excellent!!!” -Rick

“I am definitely recommending your workshops!” -Henry

“Great workshop! I learned SO much and Joe and Mirta are very motivating! Love the jokes and the friendly personality. Also appreciate all the tips and tricks!” -Samya

“I am so grateful I came… I left feeling very inspired :)” -Meghan

“Oh my gosh it was fantastic!!!!! I really enjoyed the workshop! Thank you for being willing to share all your knowledge!” -Brianne

“Thank you so much for an awesome workshop 🙂 Everything was spectacular and I am so blessed to know you!” -Manda

“Had an excellent time!! Thanks Joe and Mirta for a great day of sharing your invaluable knowledge. You guys are the best hosts ever! I want to be like you guys 🙂 I love your incredible artistic talent, your superb marketing knowledge and great personality! I loved the warm welcoming environment and everyone was so friendly. Wish it could have been a 2 day Workshop! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you again” -Adan

“I think it is awesome that you and Mirta share your great talent with the up and comers in the industry! You guys are great!” -Dan

“Great workshop!” -John

“I loved it! You are awesome teachers and the information you shared was invaluable! Can’t wait for the next event! Consider me in!” -Lily

“Great fun and I learned some very good business tips. Highly enjoyable workshop all the way around” -Mike

“Answered all my questions. They touched on all the business aspects I was unsure about, such as pricing, contracts, website, blog, second shooting, etc. Mirta thoroughly discussed Photoshop actions and Lightroom interaction. I wish the workshop was longer because they were both so informative! Overall I was very impressed and I feel so much more prepared to start my business.” -Darlene

“Everything was very interesting and very helpful.” -Susan

“Joe and Mirta- Sincerely, I want to thank you all for giving so much of your time and professional insight that weekend.  It was a huge help.  I hope to hear more updates, and I am very much looking forward to your workshop next year!  That would be great!  By the way, those pics on your blog looked awesome. Thanks again!” -Jeremy

“The Barnets revealed many of their secrets. They did a nice job. Enjoyable presentation and I look forward to future workshops.” -David

“I really enjoyed myself at the workshop. Can’t wait to use the tools I’ve learned.” -Tash

“Most definitely found this class a good value for my money. I found the areas of reflectors and posing the most useful. I learned a lot and will be attending future workshops!” -Esmeralda

“Excellent workshop. Covered multiple topics effectively; Good interaction.” -Kerry

“I attended your workshop at Samy’s and enjoyed it immensely! Learned a lot! The Barnet’s are a great team in their delivery of info and advice. This workshop was such a great investment. Great information. Love your work! Thanks!” -Robin

“Joe and Mirta-  What a great time that workshop was!  I just wanted to at least email and thank the two of you for sharing such great information with us.  The experience was absolutely invaluable and I thank you for having provided it so freely.  I am not a professional photographer myself but I’ve been playing with the idea of getting into it.  I’ve booked a few free engagement sessions and potentially a wedding.  I’m hoping to pick up as much experience as I can now especially after the confidence boost your workshop has given.  A lot of a good questions answered. I hope you two found the workshop successful because we all sure did.  It was great to have met the two of you.” -David

“I learned a lot in a short amount of time and learned the most from the lighting demonstration. I really enjoyed it.” -Alissa

“Loved the class! The Barnets are great!” -Christy

“I attended the Engagement Sitting workshop this past Friday. Just wanted to thank you again for the very informative workshop. You guys are really very giving and open to share.  I am looking forward to your seminar/workshop next year.  I’m sure you will have a lot of attendees. Please keep me posted. Thank you again.” -Rochelle

  • June 18, 2011 - 11:01 pm

    Vinny Sierra - All I can say is wow!!! Joe and Mirta are great instructors and are relevant in their methods!! Joe and Mirta are so funny and fun to be in a learning environment with! Great environment! Never felt intimidated! Loved every bit of it!
    Thanks!!! Hope to see you soon!ReplyCancel

    • June 18, 2011 - 11:53 pm

      admin - Thanks for the kind words Vinny! It was great having you in the class today! Keep in touch!ReplyCancel

  • March 12, 2012 - 8:03 am

    Jose Lontok - What a great experience attending their Wedding Photography workshop yesterday. All their topics are so useful on whatever level you are. I wish I can attend their next workshop on May 28.

    Thanks Joe and Mirta!!!ReplyCancel

    • March 12, 2012 - 10:47 am

      admin - Thanks Jose! We had a great time. You all were a great group!ReplyCancel

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