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Thank you, FOTOWORKS PRO!!

We’re proud to call FOTOWORKS PRO our  lab!  Sam, the owner, knows the business of wedding photography very well.  His clients are among the best photographers in our industry, and he always makes our work look great!  Sam’s integrity and commitment to service are the reason he has a strong and loyal client base.  That’s why we’re so proud to have received his endorsement.  I should also mention that we recommend FOTOWORKS to all our students because they do a great job and they are always on time.  As with all other vendors we recommend, we do not receive any payments or discounts on services. That’s just the way we roll…


Nuf Fluff

Looking for a workshop that sells you an image or a lifestyle? Then don’t read any further. There are a ton of “rock star photographers” that would love to take your money and talk about themselves and some vague theories of how to become successful.

If you’re looking for real information that can help your bottom line, then you want to listen this. Joe and Mirta Barnet are the real deal. You won’t find too many people that will be as transparent about their business as the Barnets. To be honest, I think they give away too much information. It’s just their nature–they really enjoy what they do and can’t help themselves from talking about it. Want to know their prices? Just ask them. Want to know how they close more deals? Just ask them. Want to know Joe’s credit card number? Well, you can try asking him.

As a business owner myself, I’m always looking for profitable information. The one thing I noticed is that the most valuable sources tend to be less visible and generally found by a friend’s recommendation–not media hype or mass advertising. Don’t be marketed, learn how to market with the Barnets. Most workshops of this caliber often run in the thousands. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that they charge MUCH LESS. I’m pretty sure you’ll get a great ROI and leave the workshop with something you can use immediately.

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To your success.

Sam the Fotoman

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